Jean Paul Charles jazz mandolin 1989

Concerto "Alla rustica"; A. Vivaldi

Lugano's junior mandolin orchestra (Ticino, Switzerland) conducted by Nicola Bühler. Performed during the Gala concert in 2007.
Orchestra mandolinistica di Lugano Junior diretta da Nicola Bühler, auditorio Stelio Molo, Lugano, Concerto di Gala 2007

John McGann Berklee 2-05-08 Monster mando medley

Nate Leath, fiddle- Eric Robertson and Jacob Jolliff, mandolins- Flynn Cohen, Guitar- Dave Hollender, bass.
Excerpt from long medley:
Mississippi Waltz (Monroe)/ Huggin' The Rail (McGann)/Roanoke (Monroe)

David Grier and Richard Starkey & Herschel Sizemore

David Grier and Richard Starkey (guitars) & Herschel Sizemore (mandolin) jamming at the Roanoke Bluegrass Weekend in Roanoke, VA November 19, 1999

Brad Davis and Greenbroke

In April of 2006 Brad Davis performed at the Pickin' at the Pavillion Festival in Montrose, Colorado, with a group that calls themselves Greenbroke: Brad Davis on guitar, John Cowan on bass, John Moore on mandolin and Dennis Caplinger on banjo and fiddle. Here they are performing "Panhandle Rag."